Gold And Silver Prices – Global Rise And Fall Of Gold and Silver Price

Gold And Silver Prices

Before even recovering fully from the global economic recession of 2008, the world grapples again to regain control over unstable markets. It is true that the recent meltdown in the US economy has solely triggered domino effect upon the international trading platforms.  

In a move to sustain the growing tensions, a significantly increased number of investors world wide are foraying into gold and silver in a last resort bid. Over the last few weeks, gold and silver prices have undergone an unprecedented sharp rise and fall given the prevalence of a reducive stock market.

As a matter of fact, the officially recorded gold and silver prices hike for the month of August are said to be 10.2% and 2.2% respectively. By far and large, investors buying precious metals such as gold and silver, in an attempt to withstand  the uncertainties in the equity market, are stocking them as physical assets until favorable economic conditions return. Interestingly, some industry latest reports also show a slight dip in the silver and gold price with the 2.8 per cent increase in Standard and Poor 500 index. For most traders who perceive the surge in gold and silver prices 2011 to be an opportune phase to invest in precious metals and earn profits as the economy improves, there are myriad ways to purchase the yellow metal—mutual funds, ETFs, coins and bars—although its physical possession may demand the role of a third party as a gaurdian on a commission basis.

In a period of less than last five years, the price of gold per ounce has touched double times its stated value, from $600 to $1400. While the price of spot gold made history with an all-time high record of $1913.60 per ounce on Aug 23 it was followed by a steady decline in price.  So, the past week has exhibited a dip in the price of silver from $44 to $38, only to be rebounced back to $40. The disarray in the stock market continues to create fluctuations until gold and silver prices per ounce regained strengths over the last two days.  In other words, a bounce back in the domestic equity market is largely responsible for the sudden fall in the price of yellow metal and silver.

Coin investors and investors across the globe consider buying gold bullion coins and bullion bars as the most popular options for exploring investments in gold. Eager gold and silver investors keep a watch on live gold and silver prices, and remain updated with the current trends. Banking institutions, jewellers and other authorized dealers sell gold and silver coins in varied denomination in the same lines with current gold and silver coins prices.

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